“Do you still remember; that first apple that was eaten? That first time, so many years ago; and everybody remembers it still! That moment, that choice, what a consequences! Each time you pick an apple, taste it and bite; there are the consequences. You do not turn to the right, no you go to the left until you grab an other apple, take a bite....and so on and on. That’s life. I don’t want decay, no decline. I don’t want to need to choose between one or the other, do or don’t, turn to the right or left. I keep the moment.”

I turn off the time. What will come I bring to a halt. I want to experience it now. I make an intervention in time. The autobiography in my art doesn’t know a beginning, a centre or an end; I play with time, controle it; I express and define time, in which the present, the past and the future will get mixed up. The perishableness of the moment, a thought, an idea, love, nature, time are the leading parts of my work. Can I maybe by mixing up time place my past into context and deal with the future?

Time, change and making choices are indissolubly connected with each other. Together they form a trinity in my art and determine the autobiography of my life.

“I ritually repeat moments from my past to prevent evaporation, to make it tangible, to hold them. I appropriate my parents’ past by integrating their images into my photocompositions of my composed reality. I confront myself with deeply hidden words, many years ago being put on paper in my handwriting. I provide the formerly writer another personality, cause for me this person is yet estranged and unknown. Another mans words tell my story. I imagine holding my own funeralritual, to be able to attend and experience this future moment and to celebrate it in my own way, as at the moment I can’t be there.”

The ‘moment preceding it’ is a moment of transition; a moment whereupon you get started for the next and you left behind what is there. It’s a rite-de-passage in which I feel comfortable. A moving moment, that I every time consciously or unconsciously seem to bring to a halt. I prolong it. Because it suits me better, because it’s forced upon me even if I fight against it, because I disappear in it, because it’s not yet time? I get stucked in this grey zone....because I only go through a sublime experience in this moment?

I describe in words and images my observations of my surroundings. The continuous changes where my environment is subject to, fed by time and my state of mind, give shape to the substance of my story. I explore, observe and reflect my life, my landscape, my time, my position as an artist, my work. My world consists of multiple realities. They may look different, but are all connected in a rhizomatically way. They are connected by a covering sense, resulting from each other, pass into each other, contradict each other, intensify each other, feed each other. They need each other to exist, even how small their share is.

The method I use is temporary and fragmented; every idea that occur to me receives his right to live. I place fractions next to each other, and these manifest into ideas, words and images. The selection for a medium and choice of material is subordinated to the idea. Mainly I work with photography, video, installation and text. I find it interesting to investigate an idea into different media through which the image as the idea develop into new directions. I repeat images and recycle them. I confront words and images with each other and seek for association.

I lead my audience and let them roam around through my created realities, with which they perceive and experience fragments of my life. I let them encounter my search, by which they need to puzzle the pieces that I have served them.