the Unknown Artist
 acts of time-interference
  recorded change
  endless building
  my appropriated memories
  hands shake soil
  intervening wind
  melting generation
  To be prepared for any age, work-out
  tasting the moment preceding it
  exposing archeology
  unheard longing songs
  intervening in a lapse of memory
  moving winters' sleep
  the endless way
  binding ways
 composing reality, mijn boek der rusteloosheid
  composing reality, mijn boek der rusteloosheid; for inspection
 composing reality- photocompositions


videostill from composing reality, mein Gesamtwerk, video, 23.38 min. 2011. Video, with a backgroundvideo in a loop, during 23 minutes 9 small videos come and go repeatedly; was projected during an exhibition (at Extrapool Nijmegen) in a room filled with small tree trunks, positioned in a triangle with bites of apple on it.