the Unknown Artist
 acts of time-interference
 composing reality, mijn boek der rusteloosheid
  composing reality, mijn boek der rusteloosheid; for inspection
 composing reality- photocompositions

Artist in residence period at Hoogtepunt, Breda: The Unknown Artist, in search for the artist practise in a present state - of the absoluteness or the nothingness

Last year I asked myself several questions about me being an artist. Without getting a response or knowing what to do with it I decided to ask my environment the same questions, during a residence period of a month in Breda. My environment consisted of the inhabitants of the area where I stayed and the history of art which preceded my questions. With every week a new topic on the agenda and a new question in the letter boxes of my neighbours, I investigated as The Unknown Artist my artist practise in a present state - of the absoluteness or the nothingness.

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